The Postman (6. Sınıf)
The Postman (6. Sınıf)

The Postman (6. Sınıf) (9789751015075)

Marka : Markasız
Fiyat : ₺6,48
KDV Dahil : ₺6,48
Barkod : 9789751015075
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"The postman goes to a house on Denver Street. He rings the bell twice. The old man hears the bell but he can´t open the door immediately because he is upstairs... He opens the upstairs´ window and puts his head out and asks loudly:"Who is it? "The postman answers:"Postman." The old man says to the postman: "Wait a minute! I´m coming downstairs." " (Kitabın İçinden"
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